Today Is The Day To Start Believing In Yourself ✨

I wish it was possible to get a giant billboard with blinking lights delivered to your living room, instead of just this newsletter delivered to your inbox.

I really want you to hear this.
I want you to hear how miraculous you are: an amazing, enough, brilliant being made of star particles – yes, really.

My main occupation is not running this retreat centre – my team does that magnificently like the champions they are. I mostly offer private therapy sessions, where I help people navigate living on this dense-energy planet, by intuitive healing, channeling and connecting people with their guides.

I hear the same thing from almost everyone who comes for a therapy session –

‘I am not enough’.

Not good enough, not wealthy enough, not organized enough, not successful enough, not balanced enough, not doing enough… some kind of not enough.

How can so many people have the story of not being enough? If we are all not enough, then we are comparing ourselves with other people who are equal to us in ‘not enoughness’ and the comparison falls away. There must be a difference between the two for a comparison to hold.

“Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.”
~ Osho

You have always been Magnificent Enoughness.

Sit for a minute and think about this. That energetic being that you are, concentrated a part of yourself into this dense-energy gravity suit you call your body. You did this so that you could have the fun experience of being alive here at this time. So, as this magnificent being, you knew you would come here and make mistakes, and learn, and grow, and laugh, and learn some more. Falling short is part of being human, part of the plan. Your ‘not enough’ is a story, a fiction. Rather, you have always been Magnificent Enoughness.
(This sounds like a T-shirt or a mug in the making – I am Magnificent Enoughness!)

I can hear you all saying, “Yes Michelle, but how do I get out of this way of thinking and feeling?”

Well; this is how you do it:

✨ Focus on what you do well, rather than what you haven’t mastered.
There is something you do well that other people wish they could do, even if it is just folding laundry. I can draw easily, just dash off quick drawings of people and things and it is fun for me. I have years of experience though – I started drawing from the time I could hold a crayon. Gradually over the years I have become better as I have doodled everywhere and applied myself to actual artworks. Could I be better? Sure. Am I better than others? Yes. But I am good enough for myself, today.
Focus on the skills and experience that you do have.

✨ Each day is an opportunity to start living the life you want.
You are an onion, at the centre the very person who entered this world full of magnificent potential. You are still that person, no matter the stories told to you and what you have come to think. Peel the outer story-layers off that no longer serve you. If you had a chance to begin again, a reset, wouldn’t you want a head start?
You have it!
You can start right now, but without needing to go through all those school years with homework again. You have Experience, and you Know Things, and have learnt so many lessons you don’t need to go through again.

Start with small steps at the beginning; focus on debunking one small limiting belief per week, and after six months there will be 26 things no longer holding you back. Begin with the smaller beliefs (e.g. my son cannot leave the house wearing mismatched socks) and work to bigger beliefs. And never compare yourself to anyone else – see above for Magnificent Enoughness.


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