The Quinta Bookshelf

When I re-designed Christmas to be easy and light, it made sense that we would give each other books: we are all bibliophiles in our family, and I have a large library wall to fill. Half the pleasure of gifting books is in the shopping for them, and I was delighted to discover an online second-hand bookshop, Awesome Books link

Here are three new treasures you will find on the Quinta Bookshelf.

Good Vibes, Good Life – How Self-Love is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness 

By Vex King 

I couldn’t put this book down. The way to change the world is for each of us to learn to love ourselves, and this book has everything you need to help you get there. 

Vex King covers everything from lifestyle habits, the way we think, the work we do, manifesting, procrastination… this small book packs a punch, and it’s going under the tree to gift to someone this Christmas. It’s such a winner that I have bought another copy for the Quinta library.

Rating: Read twice

The Happy Menopause – Smart Nutrition to Help You Flourish

By Jackie Lynch

Earlier this year I was feeling desperate – I felt like someone had hijacked my body and replaced it with a very poor facsimile. Bloating, brain fog, severe hot flushes, meno-belly, see-sawing emotions… if this sounds like you, this book may be a big step in the right direction. I improved all those symptoms with a change in my eating plan and a gentle yoga routine. 

I was extremely skeptical since I thought my diet was healthy, but I discovered that I was under-nourished in some areas and over-supplied in others. And did I mention the bloating? Whoever coined the term brain-fog in relation to menopause did a bad job – this is such an understatement – rather it feels like my brain left the building! It is such a relief to be so almost back to normal now. 

Enough of my ranting, back to the book – there are so many who are experiencing some of these, or all of them. Dive into this book and let me know if there was any one thing that proved to be a game changer more than the others.

Rating: The anti-inflammatory and balanced eating plan can benefit everyone with a body, but if you are having an unhappy menopause or peri-menopause, stop here. Read, absorb, breathe. It can get better.

“Think not of the books you have bought as a ‘to be read’ pile. Instead, think of your bookcase as a wine cellar. You collect books to read at the right time, in the right place, and the right mood.”

~ Luc van Donkersgoed

Recipes from the World of Tolkien – Inspired by the Legends

By Robert Tuesley Anderson

In a world where recipe books are no longer a thing, this is fun and beautifully illustrated, with gorgeous recipes – and it has even got me in the kitchen creating Farmer Maggot’s Wild Mushrooms on Toast, Bilbo’s Eleventy-First Birthday Cake and Dwarven Spiced Pickled Beetroot. It has chapters for Breakfast, Second Breakfast, and Elevenses, amongst others. 

The Strawberry and Lavender Shortcakes are next on my list. If you are wondering why there are no pictures of these creations, in true Hobbit style they were eaten very quickly! We will be adding some of these to the Recipe Club’s weekly kitchen testing, so watch this space.

Rating: Fantastic gift

Seven Year Anniversary

Seven years ago today we moved onto this Quinta, full of enthusiasm for the retreat centre that would burst forth from my imagination and into tangible form. It was my extreme good fortune to find this farm with its potential and incredible energy all those years ago, but my good fortune continues every week with the incredible riches I have found in connecting with so many of you. 

Thank you for being part of the Quinta’s growth and journey. 

Thank you for all the hugs, laughter and connections. 

Thank you for being part of this family. 

I am very grateful, and I appreciate you. 


Quinta Carvalhas - The Green Farm, is a Luxury Farm Stay & Retreat Venue in Portugal. A holistic well-being haven that offers unique experiences for Body, Mind and Soul. Yoga, Reiki, Horse Therapy, Massage, Vegetarian Food.

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