Manifestation Mindset 🧠✨

Last weekend I was chatting to some guests about the peace and beauty on this farm. They were remarking about how easy it is to feel good here, but when they go back to their apartments in the city it is not nearly as easy to feel at peace and happy.
This got me thinking about the mindset we need to be able to create and manifest. If I could track my manifesting and creating on a graph, the times of stress would show big dips and the times of joy and gratitude would show giant leaps forward. I have managed to manifest a big project in a very short space of time, but so much more would be possible if I could manage the negative thoughts and stress.

“When you can’t control what is happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.”

But sometimes I forget that!

When things seem out of control or stressful, it is hard to manage my own energy to bring myself through these times. These are my go-to steps to get back on track:

  1. Meditate
    When you take time to meditate, you literally re-set your immune system and change the way you react to the challenging situation. I use it to improve sleep and improve my overall well-being.
  1. Get into Nature
    Toes in soft grass, feet sinking into beach sand, eyes closed beneath a big tree… nature grounds us, helps to calm our minds and boost our peace. In an apartment a small pot plant can help just as much. Slowly and steadily nature gets on with its business, and all is accomplished.
  1. Tell Someone
    My hairdresser in Greenside, Johannesburg listened to me for over a year taking about what I wanted to create. In that safe space, cocooned with the cape around me and the warm air of the hair dryers, I described it all. She asked me questions, I made up cool replies, and in the most natural way I laid the foundation for what would come next. It works just as well for the challenges we are facing.

Pouring your dreams or challenges into the ear of an impartial listener is as important as writing it down. When you say it out loud it liberates the problems and frees up space inside you.

When you control your thoughts, and not the other way around, the magic truly begins.

Which negative thoughts do you keep returning to, and what can you replace them with?


Quinta Carvalhas - The Green Farm, is a Luxury Farm Stay & Retreat Venue in Portugal. A holistic well-being haven that offers unique experiences for Body, Mind and Soul. Yoga, Reiki, Horse Therapy, Massage, Vegetarian Food.

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