Group Retreats

at Quinta Carvalhas


at Quinta Carvalhas

Leadership & Friendship (27-28 November 2021)

We are honored to welcome Sandra Dias da Cunha with a course that is designed for those who want to learn about a more horse-friendly approach to training and riding horses, people who are interested in Natural Horsemanship, or even those who are afraid of horses. The focus is on creating a trusting relationship between horse and human.

Over the course of two days Sandra will share theory on horse behaviour, teach basic groundwork and rope skills, and there will be plenty of time for you to practice your newly learned skilled with one of our horses, or bring your own horse.

2 day workshop + 2x lunch EUR 278

Money and Light Retreat (26-28 November)

Money can be a magical, light, flowing and amplifying energy or it can be an anxious rollercoaster of stress, challenge and shadow. 

Which is it for you?

Join Donna McCallum and Michelle Thomas for this Money & Light weekend retreat, to permanently change your relationship with money… 

black bean burger

Cooking & Yoga Retreat (28-30 January 2022)

Quinta Carvalhas is famous for its yummy vegetarian food – and the love and passion that goes into each meal. What stands out are the flavours in the dishes, and the quality of the ingredients.

Join Richard Thomas for three days of cooking, with a masterclass, hands-on cooking classes and gentle yoga. You will prepare popular Quinta Carvalhas dishes and learn how to create food with incredible flavours that you can easily recreate at home. Over the course of the weekend you will learn how to prepare a four-course meal using readily available ingredients.  

Gentle yoga classes to suit all levels round off this popular retreat.

Small groups ensure individual attention with 4 – 6 guests per retreat

we also offer
private retreats