at Quinta Carvalhas

Yoga | meditation | spa | reiki | meditation garden | horse interaction | turkish bath | mountain biking

The Green Farm (Quinta Carvalhas) has a range of activities that will suit everyone.

We offer experiences that stimulate your body, mind and soul. Going for walks, attending yoga and meditation sessions, chilling next to the pool, riding mountain bikes on rural trails, walking across to the oak forest and swimming in the farm dam are available.

Our spa experiences include Reiki, massage, sound healing and a Turkish bath, and our Equestrian Centre offers horse interactions and horse therapy.


Yoga is an ancient oriental practice that connects the body, mind, and spirit through different body postures (asana), meditation, and controlled breathing.

Yoga is offered every morning and evening in an amazing yoga studio and the sessions can be tailor-made to your needs. 

Every class consists of a breathing exercise (pranayama), a short meditation and physical practice (asana). 

All levels of yogis are welcome.

Yoga Shalas

Our indoor yoga shala is a beautifully restored, climate-controlled stone barn, offering a peaceful, private world in which to meditate and practice asana.  Our outdoor shala is a deck alongside the oak forest and our farm pond where you can connect with nature as you practice.


Groups – 10€ / person   |   Individual Classes -30€


Meditation has many benefits and may lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, and improves focus, creativity, memory and decision-making.

Walking meditations to the forest and farm dam are also offered.

Guided meditation sessions are available every morning before yoga.

Join Michelle for a meditation session that will calm your mind.


Reiki, massage, sound healing treatments and a Turkish bath are available.

Consult the menu at reception for bookings and treatment package options.


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing therapy that can work wonders for your body and soul, promoting calm and balance. 

It helps to balance your energy centres (chakras) and leaves you feeling revitalised and calm, improving sleep and strengthening the immune system.

Michelle provides Reiki healing sessions in the therapy spa.


45€ / session

meditation garden

The beautiful meditation garden is the place to slow down and reconnect with nature.

other activities

horse interaction

Interaction with horses is a calming activity that allows you to forget the world and just be yourself with some of our amazing horses.

Toby and Janice, our mini Shetland ponies are perfect for children to get to know horses.

Everyone is welcome to come to meet our herd and learn a bit about horses and what they can teach you about yourself.


70€ (2 Hours)

Turkish Bath

The therapy spa has a Turkish bath/steam room to relax your body, reduce stress and loosen tight joints.

Time in the Turkish bath promotes a sense of well-being and relaxation and is the perfect precursor to a wonderful night’s sleep.

Following on from yoga, a session in the Turkish Bath is a real treat.



mountain biking

The Green Farm is situated in an ideal location for mountain biking. Surrounding the farm are many trails and rural tracks (often used in competition at all levels), perfect for exploring the local countryside on a mountain bike. Mountain bikes are available on the farm for hire.


2 Hours – 15€   |   4 Hours – 20€
One day (8:00-18:00) – 23€
Full day (24 Hours) – 25€
3 days – 60€   |   7 days – 100€