Group Retreats

at Quinta Carvalhas


at Quinta Carvalhas

cooking workshops (22 & 23 january 2022)

Quinta Carvalhas has some of the best vegetarian cooking Portugal has to offer. This January we are excited to announce that you will have the opportunity to come and learn what makes our food so spectacular!

Join Chef Richard to learn how you can make some Quinta Classics! Discover the secrets that will make your food dance on your tongue, and let you take the magic of Quinta Carvalhas home.

mosaic art retreat (04-06 february 2022)

This creative retreat will give you the chance to explore the absorbing, meditative art of mosaic making in the beautiful, inspiring setting of Quinta Carvalhas. Artist, Lucy Jackson, will share the fascinating history of azulejos in Portugal and mosaics from around the world and guide you through the process of mosaic making, using broken tiles and ceramics and explore different techniques and tools.

As well as making your own mosaic wall piece or picture you will have the chance to leave your mark by adding to a permanent wall mosaic at the very heart of this beautiful Portuguese farm.

creative retreat (29 april -01 May 2022)


This reatreat is your chance to play, create and explore ideas. Quinta Carvalhas provides the perfect place to spend a relaxing, creative few days and professional artist, Lucy Jackson will be on hand to offer advice and demonstrate painting, drawing and collage techniques. You can bring your own project or see what catches your eye on the day.

A wet felt making workshop is included – learn the ancient art of felt making using dyed sheep’s fleece, water, soap and friction to create beautiful tactile pictures or more practical pieces like scarves, bags or purses. The retreat is perfect for both beginners and those with experience creating art but want to re-energise, develop skills or simply create in an inspirational environment with good company.

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