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How to Order Your Dreams Part 1


Dear Michelle, I have had a big dream for many years, but I don’t know how to take it from dream to reality. Something seems to always hold me back. Hearing your story on how you created this centre motivates me, but how can I do the same thing?

Answer Part One:

Be Specific

Do you know where you want to go?
So often, we have an idea of what we want but we are not clear with ourselves and the world about what it is exactly. It is just like going to the ticket booth and saying to the attendant, ‘I would like a train ticket please,’ but you don’t tell her where you want to go. Having a dream is like buying a ticket. If you don’t get clear on all the stops you wish to make and the final destination, how can the trip begin? Those who have not been clear in their dream specification never get to start the journey, or they arrive at places they did not want to be! 
Write out what you want. Find a quiet spot with your journal and no phones, and just start writing. Draw, collage, paste pictures – this is where you are telling the Universe/ticket booth person exactly what you want and where you want to be. The clearer you are, the easier it is for you to get where you want to go. Meditation helps with this.

😳 “The catch? I didn’t specify a kitchen” 😳

I learnt the lesson of being super specific when I wanted to move my family to a house close to the beach. The area I wanted us to live in was famously hard to get into and it seemed impossible, with houses snapped up before they were on the market. Nevertheless, I asked the Universe for ‘a three-bedroom house close enough to the sea that we can hear the waves.’  A friend of mine who is really good at manifesting, told me I had to try again because that wasn’t nearly specific enough.
My second attempt was, ‘I would like a spacious three-bedroomed house with a lounge, dining room, two bathrooms, garage and a large garden. It must be close enough to the sea that we can hear the waves and the rent must be affordable.’ Three days later I found a house that was exactly what I requested. Everything on my list was there. From the master bedroom you could hear the waves on the beach, and it was magical. The catch? I didn’t specify a kitchen, and the house had no kitchen! I didn’t think it was possible for a house to not have a kitchen, but this one didn’t – it had an empty room with one plug point inconveniently situated and a miniscule single sink tucked into a strange nook. We moved in, and each time I went into the kitchen (I installed a removable kitchen) I had a laugh at how the universe showed me to be really specific with my requests.

Ask for What You Want, No Buts

We ask for something and then contradict ourselves with different thoughts or feelings.
Write it out in your journal, becoming clearer and clearer until there are no niggles of doubt that you can feel in your solar plexus, or contradictory thoughts. Do you long for a romantic relationship but also not want to have someone making demands on your time? Which one of those should the Universe deliver?
It took a near death experience (NDE) at the age of 36 for me to become crystal clear about what matters and what I wanted to create. Before that I would say, ‘I want to be a healer (but I don’t know the healing modality) and I want to travel (but I don’t have the money). After the NDE life had not become simpler, but my mind was clearer, and things felt different. The barriers I had created were no longer relevant. I reframed my requests so that there were no hidden doubts, and no buts!
The good news is – you don’t need to have an NDE to get clear on what you want 😅, just a journal, time, an open mind and an open heart.

Next week in Part 2  we will look at the next steps to take.

“Don’t live the same year 75 times
and call it a life.”
~ Robin Sharma


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