Ask Michelle…✨ Part Two – Your Dream Created

Dear Michelle, I have had a big dream for many years, but I don’t know how to take it from dream to reality. Something seems to always hold me back. Seeing what you have created motivates me, but how did you get from where you were to this dream come true?

In last week’s Part One we looked at how to ask for what you want, and the importance of being really specific in the details.

Answer Part Two:

Any Action Is Good Action

Once you have become really clear about what you want, the next step is to start taking action.
Yes, I know! ‘What action?’ you say.
The answer – at first, take any action. Any action, even in a vague direction, towards your goal is needed so that you start to gain momentum and gradually have some experience. This is the next stage where people become really stuck with indecision and fear. Just remember, doing nothing is still doing something, still making a decision.
If you want to live on a farm, start learning about keeping chickens and how to grow your own veg. Then start growing your own veg, even while you are still in your apartment. Take every free course you can on the subject and pick a mentor or expert in the field to follow.
A good friend started a children’s birthday party company. She was extremely successful, but after doing this for ten years she really wanted to branch out into bigger events. She told me exactly what the new company would be like, got her brand designed and knew who the target audience was. She was excited and couldn’t wait to start her new chapter. Four years after she told me about this, she was still saying all the same things – she had the brand designed and knew who her target audience was, and she wanted to start her new chapter. She was so frozen with indecision that she did nothing. ‘What if it failed?’ she asked.

🌻 Just begin, with any small step, each day doing one tiny thing towards your goal. If it fails, you can do something else. It’s going to be okay. 🌻

A game changer for me on my journey was when I heard a successful entrepreneur say he was trying to accelerate the failure rate of his team. ‘The faster we fail,’ he said, ‘the faster we find the things that really work for us.’ It means you are taking actions and moving forward, failing and then succeeding. It’s a game, a fun balancing act, and either way you are learning.

It’s the same on the yoga mat and when you are meditating: a balance between going where you want to, falling out, losing focus, returning to focus. And it needn’t be serious. Finding the balance between the effort and the ease, the holding on and letting go is what brings fun and play to this creation party.

Life is a great big canvas,
and you should throw all the paint you can on it.
— Danny Kaye

Keep your questions on meditation and creating dreams coming – hearing from you makes my day! 💛


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