A Day to Honour Women

Don’t you just love stories with feel-good content and happy endings? 

Me too! 

And here we have exactly that – the Quinta Carvalhas story which is a thirty-year romance-romantic-comedy-drama-cliffhanger-thriller in the making. I have never wondered about the ‘who’ behind this farm – I mean, I know it’s me, but I have never considered it from the perspective of gender, of me being a woman who has created this. 

I have always just thought of myself as a person with a husband who is another person and together we have this team of two people who supported each other in this project. 

But today I am looking at it from a different perspective – I am considering how being a woman has influenced the path of creation and manifestation of this retreat centre. 

This has always been my dream, so from the start the creation of this retreat centre has been driven by my vision with Richard providing incredible support. 

Looking back, I can see that what drives the creation here is clearly feminine in form: intuition, inclusion, love, compassion, empathy, a strong awareness of thoughts and feelings, and particularly, strong creativity.  

As we continue on with this path of creating the centre I can see that gently, over time, the masculine energies (in all of us) are also softening so that we have more ease and flow.  

Most importantly, I think all this has been able to happen in this ease and flow because of the balance of energies. Without any need to assert authority over the other, this new creation of Richard’s and mine shows the possibilities for our world now, when more than ever we can welcome the benefits of feminine energy and enterprise. 

“You don’t need to look far to find examples of outstanding women who have achieved greatness — they’re everywhere.”

This is the time for us to move into a gentler world where we practise nurturing, love and compassion, where we allow ourselves to become really creative as we develop a new path for our earth. 

The last few years have seen a surge in acts of kindness, in caring for others, in awareness of the plight of others, in connection, in creation of new ways of living and communicating, in compassion, in awareness of thoughts and feelings. 

Yes, we have wars, pandemics and all the awful things the news peddlars can’t wait to bring us. 

But statistics show us that we have never had it easier on earth, with new innovations, radical reduction in extreme poverty, and more peace – despite the news, this is the true time we are living in.

We have got to know neighbours who we previously just rushed past in our busy lives. 

We have seen wonderful music videos showing collaborations of artists from across the globe. 

We have seen remarkable acts of kindness in all countries and across all socio-economic groups. 

It’s incredible, it’s wonderful: in the midst of difficulties and challenges we have found ways to foster our feminine sides. I love that this is evident in both men and women. 

This is the most perfect time for women to lead by example, showing our men how to also develop this way of being. 

Today we honour all the women through time who have given us magnificent examples of courage, creation, love, compassion, and so much more. 

We also honour and applaud all the wonderful women leaders and trailblazers who have yet to come: the children of today who will lead us tomorrow, and their children. 

But mostly, this is the day where we honour all the women on earth who are leading by example right now – by living ordinary lives every day, carrying out the ordinary daily tasks, while they show us how to be loving, caring, creative, resourceful and intuitive. 


Quinta Carvalhas - The Green Farm, is a Luxury Farm Stay & Retreat Venue in Portugal. A holistic well-being haven that offers unique experiences for Body, Mind and Soul. Yoga, Reiki, Horse Therapy, Massage, Vegetarian Food.

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